Ryan Groves

Senior Associate Consultant

Ryan Groves is a Senior Consultant at Credibility International providing consulting services for companies, government entities, and legal counsel on a variety of issues involving disputes in arbitration and litigation matters, as well as financial investigations. Prior to joining Credibility, Ryan provided audit services to clients in the financial services industry and risk advisory consulting services to government clients.

Ryan previously worked at KPMG LLP where he provided audit services as an Associate and consulting services as a Risk Advisory Consultant.

Consulting Engagement Experience

Representative examples of Ryan’s engagement experience include:


  • Middle East Company Accounting Treatment of Complex Transaction (2023). Performed research and analyses for a publicly traded energy company to determine the appropriate accounting treatment for a sales transaction.
  • Middle East Mining Arbitration (2023); Expropriation; ICSID. Assisted in valuation of mining operations and lost profit analysis in a dispute involving gold mine production and exploration properties in Turkey.
  • S. Credit Card Processor Accounting Dispute (2022-2023). Performed revenue recognition analyses under ASC 605 and 606 relating to the technical accounting treatment of transactions for a publicly traded U.S. company.
  • S. Health Care Staffing Company Breach of Contract Dispute (2022-2023). Assisted in analysis relating to a contract dispute between a health care staffing company and a hospital company.
  • Latin American Real Estate Arbitration (2022); Breach of Contract; AAA ICDR. Assisted in the preparation of expert reports on damages involving overbillings on various construction and improvement projects. Work on this matter involved review of various financial documents related to each project and analysis of the costs and payments.
  • North American Aerospace Industry Dispute (2022); Shareholder Dispute. Assisted in accounting expert analysis in defense of several shareholder suits brought against an aerospace company alleging accounting fraud related to impairments of long-lived assets, inventory valuation and revenue recognition on long-term contracts.

M&A Transaction Disputes

  • European Company Acquisition (2022-2023). Created financial statements for a privately held software company in preparation of its acquisition. Work on this engagement involved a seller based in Europe and a buyer based in the United States, therefore both IFRS and GAAP accounting were applied. Numerous complex accounting issues were resolved in this transformation of raw data to financial statements.

Financial Investigations, Fraud, & Forensic Accounting

  • Cannabis Industry (2022-2023). Assisted in an Independent Consultant engagement for a publicly traded cannabis company in connection with an enforcement settlement with the SEC and Ontario Securities Commission. This undertaking involves assessing internal controls, critical accounting policies, and staffing of accounting and finance functions.

Accounting Experience

  • Obtained and documented an understanding of the federal clients’ business processes, accounting procedures, financial systems, and information flows to assist in the development of standard operating procedures.
  • Evaluatedthe design of the control environment to ensure sufficient controls were in place and provided recommendations to clients regarding risk-based design and operating effectiveness gaps and improvements.
  • Provided audit services to multinational, private clients within the financial services industry. These services included performing analytical procedures on significant accounts which comprised: setting expectations, determining variance thresholds or materiality, and investigating all differences.
  • Learned accounting processes for a variety of security types including: equities, debt instruments, loans, futures, options, and forwards as they relate to fund accounting.
  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Finance, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, May 2020
  • Certified Public Accountant 2021. Licensed in Virginia.
  • Certified Fraud Examiner 2022