Dispute Expert Services

Our seasoned experts specialize in damages and other financial topics and have served in a large number of disputes that culminated in testimony in hearing or trial. The professional credentials of our team are concentrated in accounting, finance, fraud examination and valuation. Our current team of testifying experts is comprised of professionals who have testified at hearing or trial in both international and domestic cases.

We use our financial and accounting expertise to assess causation and certain measures of liability, value quantum, and present findings that are clear and compelling. We apply a variety of methodologies and deliver convincing independent valuations of businesses, joint ventures, and projects. Our experience spans across a variety of industries.

Our experts have decades of experience testifying on damages and other financial issues such as solvency, fraud, bribery and corruption in international disputes. The depth of our case experience has built one of the most efficient and effective damages expert teams in the world. Our expert testimony credentials are very deep in the following types of cases:

  • Investor-State: Since the late 1990s, our testifying experts have been quantifying damages in disputes between investors and sovereign states, including a landmark case. That experience laid the foundation for our experts to testify in over 45 investor-state cases over the next two plus decades. As a result, Credibility ranks globally among the most experienced expert firms in investor-state disputes.
  • Breach of Contract: For over 25 years, our experts have testified on damages and other financial topics. The foundation of this practice was built upon serving as experts in US domestic contract cases and has involved quantifying damages involving businesses on every continent across most every major industry sector.

We have extensive testimonial experience, having provided valuation, accounting, fraud, contract, and economic opinions under treaty and commercial arbitration rules in all major arbitration venues. Our experts have testified in disputes in all of the major international arbitration forums and have covered a wide range of topics, including: expropriation; fair and equitable treatment; breach of contract; lost profits; shareholder, M&A, and joint venture disputes; and pricing disputes. Among other forums, we have served as experts under the AAA, CRCICA, ICC, ICSID, LCIA, NAFTA, PCA, SCC, SMA, and UNCITRAL rules.

Since Credibility’s founding, we have provided expert services and oral testimony in arbitrations with an aggregate claim value over $28 billion.

Our experience in domestic disputes includes: breach of contract, negligence and breach of fiduciary duties, fraud (including ponzi schemes and accounting fraud), antitrust, insolvency and bankruptcy, wrongful termination, and tortious interference, among other types of cases. These matters tend to be very large financial claims that are fact intensive, requiring the study of the conduct of the parties over some period of time. Often, these cases require significant financial and accounting analysis to help determine the impact of the bad act and identify links to causation. In addition, we are often called upon to analyze financial and quantitative issues that impact liability. Typical measures of damages have included lost profits, incremental costs, and valuation.

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