Forensic Accounting Firm Credibility International Completes Its Second Year

Washington DC, November 19, 2012: Forensic accounting firm, Credibility International, completed another successful year in its second year of business. Started by top professionals from the largest global firms, Credibility has helped clients on every continent to deal with their biggest problems. Credibility is grateful for the trust their clients have placed in them.

Over the past two years, Credibility International’s work has mainly involved disputes in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, Moldova, Venezuela, Vietnam and the United States. These disputes have resulted in Credibility professionals providing in international arbitration and US courts involving claims most often in the hundreds of millions or billions of US dollars. Industries ranged from commodities, consulting, education, entertainment, insurance, medical devices and supplies, mining, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, professional services, retail, shipping, and telecommunications.

“In our second year, it has been gratifying to have clients trust us as experts with their largest, most complicated claims both as claimants/plaintiffs or respondents/defendants,” says Tim Hart, Founder of Credibility International. “This year, Credibility has provided expert testimony in four cases with claims exceeding a billion US dollars in court and arbitration and a number of others with quantum claims in the hundreds of millions.  Normally, clients turn to only the largest firms for cases of this size, but we have deep expertise and have delivered outstanding expert testimony at hearings and trials opposite experts from global firms and the leading law firms in the world.”

“During our second year, we have been able to focus all of our efforts on our client work. In the same period, most of the bigger firms in our business have struggled operationally and financially and have been punished by the markets. We have truly enjoyed being accountable just to our clients and not the financial markets or a global partnership. Our client focus has allowed us to offer alternative arrangements that have again been more creative and valuable to our clients.”

About Credibility International

With expertise in forensic accounting and finance, Credibility International has professionals in Washington, Chicago and San Francisco who are CPAs, fraud examiners and valuation professionals. Tim Hart has once again been recognized for the third straight year in 2012 by Who’s Who Legal as one of the top expert witnesses in international arbitration. The Credibility team has native language capabilities in Russian and Spanish. For more information visit

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