Forensic Investigations

We design investigative procedures that fit the particular allegations and related risks. We have years of experience making the risk-based judgments necessary to set a proper scope that ensures an effective and efficient investigation. This approach results in cost effective, yet thorough forensic investigations that have historically satisfied regulators, boards and other key stakeholders.

We are experts in a wide array of forensic investigations and litigation matters related to accounting and financial reporting irregularities, auditor malpractice and other fraud and embezzlement matters. Over the years, the experience of our professionals has become concentrated in certain areas, as follows:

Forensic Accounting Matters

  • Accounting Investigations
  • White Collar Criminal and SEC Defense Matters
  • Accounting Disputes
  • Auditing-Related Matters

Fraud, Corruption and Embezzlement Matters

  • Ponzi and Investment Schemes
  • Fraud and Corruption Matters